Smart data organisation I-COM and Bristol’s Engine Shed have partnered up to promote the Data Startup Challenge 2017 competition, aimed specifically at startups who rely on marketing data and measurement as an integral part of selling their products and services

In the 5th edition of this challenge, they are on the search to showcase the best new global data businesses – and you could be one of them!

“Never before has there been such a need for large enterprises to understand and invest in the latest approaches and technologies that are on the horizon'”


Thanks to a partnership with Unilever, you’re in with a chance of receiving up to $50,000 (or about £40,800) to fund a pilot programme in collaboration with Unilever. On top of this, the winner will be awarded a place amongst the Unilever Foundry 50 as well as being given a pass to the Cannes Lion Festival as part of Unilever’s delegation.

Seville 2016: Get a taste of what could be in store for 2017’s Global Summit

I-COM believes such a competition can be invaluable to a startup. “Success in a data world means aligning a ‘dream team’ and ecosystem of companies that enable competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from data,” says I-COM, “Never before has there been such a curiosity and need for large enterprises to understand and invest in the latest approaches and technologies that are on the horizon.”

Competition time

So, what can you expect if your application is successful?

Well, you’ll get the chance to attend the prestigious I-COM Global Summit Gala Dinner in Porto to be presented the winner’s trophy, the privilege to use the industry recognised branding “I-COM Award Winner” across your internal and external communications and you can also expect to receive widespread press coverage of your company, product and service during the I-COM Global Summit.

Essentially, being a part of the I-COM challenge will elevate your startup’s reputation. It also provides the distinct opportunity to meet the people who have the power to take your company to the levels you aspire to reach, as well as introduce you to future potential customers.

i-com-data-venture-startup-challenge-2016-dancersjpgIf you are amongst the top 20 selected by I-COM, you’ll be invited to register to attend the Global Summit, as part of the Official Selection. Those in the top 10 also qualify to participate in the final round of judging and will have the opportunity to present to the gathered attendees of the I-COM Global Summit in April 2017.

As you can see from the picture (right), it’s not just all work either – there was a lot of fun at the Global Summit in Seville 2016!

See I-COM’s website for more information and to apply. You can also follow them on Twitter: @icomglobal