What better way to kick off the new year than by learning something new. The ability to be able to code is becoming an essential skill for success in an ever digital world. Whether you’re building simple websites and apps or coding complex data analytics tools – programming languages are becoming the new universal means of creative conversation we should all have in our digital survival toolkit.

So to help get your coding fingers warmed up in the chilly early months of 2017, Bath-based IT training company TalkIT has put together a few handy blogs answering some all important questions both coding newbies and experienced developers are often found pondering over.

How to pass programming exams in 2017?

Perhaps you’ve got the programming basics down and want some sort of certification to prove your skills to potential new employers. Or maybe you’re looking to take a career leap into a more senior development role.

In this blog, TalkIT’s founder David Ringsell shares his thoughts on the matter of developer exams, based on passing 13 Microsoft exams over a 10 year period.

talkit-programming-languagesTop 5 programming languages for 2017

For those of you keen to find out which coders are earning the most dosh or which language will most likely bag you a career in tech the quickest, this blog abandons the latest buzzy languages in order to focus on the 5 that will most likely help you to gain and maintain employment in 2017.

What programming languages to learn in 2017?

Much like flared jeans and shell suits, programming languages can go in and out of fashion over time (and let’s face it, some should have never been allowed to exist in the first place). This can make it difficult to know which will be the most useful one to learn. The usefulness of a language can also vary depending on what it’s being used for – for example in gaming versus web development.

As David explains in the blog, it’s difficult to make an accurate prediction for which language will power ahead in the next year. Nonetheless, he has some top tips to help you to decide for yourself whether a language is worth your time or whether it has a surefire expiration date.

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Alice Whale