rivalled-app-userDo you like the idea of exercise but not so much the practice? Well, Bath-based Rivalled wants to get you motivated.

The limelight is on students for this one, though. Matt Jarosy, co-founder of Rivalled (pictured above, on the left), describes the innovative app as: “a new sports platform aimed at improving sport participation and management in universities.”

“We want Rivalled to be the go-to place for anyone wishing to play sport regardless of age or ability”


This free app is putting emphasis on the social by connecting you with others who have similar sporting interests as one way to encourage young athletes. But, it’s also one for the universities as staff can get a desktop solution that allows them to monitor students’ attendance – yet another motivator.

Hit the ground running

In order to maximise engagement, Rivalled will be gamified with rewards. Matt tells us, “We hope this will also help increase participation by helping those students who aren’t currently involved in sports to join in.”

“Rocketmakers have been very helpful in getting our crowdfunding campaign ready”


Matt goes on to say, “Our primary objective is to become the industry standard platform for universities, connecting sports departments and their students across the UK.

“Our overall aim is to become the world’s largest sports network, profiling everyone who plays sport in their club or university. We want Rivalled to be the go-to place for anyone wishing to play sport regardless of age or ability. We feel there’s lots of scope on our platform, so we want to set the bar high!”

To help them in this ambition they have launched a crowdfunding campaign for Rivalled on Crowdcube and they are looking for your support. You can see more about the app in the video below:

 Rivalled: Get stuck into sport


Matt and his co-founder Charlie Scott (pictured above, on the right) both spent time working as sport co-ordinators in universities where they saw first-hand the window for such a platform. Matt explains, “When we initially started Rivalled, our idea was simple: to create a sports network for people to meet. However, we soon realised that we needed a place to seed our idea. We saw how Rivalled could be integrated to help improve university sport so we started developing the concept in conjunction with university sports departments across the UK.”

Making friends, not rivals

rivalled-app-on-phoneBath-based software agency and tech incubator Rocketmakers has faith in their idea and has generously helped Rivalled gain momentum. Matt tells us how the team has been an integral part of the process: “Rocketmakers has been very helpful in getting our crowdfunding campaign ready. They designed all of our creatives which is helping people to get an idea of how our platform might look for both desktop and app.”

It could mean exciting prospects for the startup. Matt says, “We envisage working with them if our campaign is successful, they have a great team and are local to us.”

Rivalled is embracing every opportunity with open arms. As well as welcoming Rocketmakers’ expertise, Rivalled has joined the IdeaSquares crowdfunding programme Crowd10, a decision which the team are intensely glad they made: “Crowd10 has been invaluable to us in preparing our crowdfunding campaign. They provide you with everything you need to get ready and keep you on the straight and narrow!”

Matt adds, “With three face-to-face days in Bristol, you are able to meet with and share ideas with like-minded others who are also going through the process, at all stages. You also get support throughout and weekly calls. We would strongly recommend being part of this initiative if you are looking to crowdfund!”

Thanks to Matt for taking the time to talk with us. You can support Rivalled with their Crowdcube campaign now.  

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