The Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio loves to encourage those who are working at the boundaries of technology, culture and creativity. It does this by providing working space and mentorship to help people turn their creative technology projects into reality, and it is currently looking to recruit more talent to join this endeavour.

“You can dream as big as you like because there will always be someone who knows how to do something that you can’t”


We’ve been impressed by a lot of these projects over the years at TechSPARK, whether it’s people using brain-scanning tech to create wonderful food, brand new musical instruments, people finding new ways to make VR more immersive or talking postboxes, there is always something amazing going on at the studio, and if you have an idea for making something where art meets tech, you should be there!

The open call for 2017 residency programme includes support for one Artist in Residence and three New Talent Residents. The Artist in Residence position is open to artists of any discipline, who have been practising for two or more years. The programme will encourage them to experiment, to make, share and discuss their ideas as they evolve. If you are interested here is the brief and the application form.

Pervasive talent: Previous residents and their projects

Edson Burton, last year’s Artist is Residence says: “Watershed’s Producers and Pervasive Media Studio residents have introduced me to a wealth of possibilities that have taken my idea from a long held dream to a graspable reality.”

New talent wanted

The New Talent Residency meanwhile is looking for three ambitious practioneers with ideas for creative technology projects (see more: Brief and Application Form). Tenaya Steed, a previous New Talent Resident from 2016 says: “Being around people from such different backgrounds made me realise that you don’t have to give up if you can’t do something, you can dream as big as you like because there will always be someone who knows how to do something that you can’t.”

You can see more about the residencies at the Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio news page and you can keep up to date with the Pervasive Media Studio on Twitter here: @PMStudioUK.

Jamie Middleton