Autonome, a company using technology to help people with learning disabilities live independent lives, raised another £350K of investment last month to allow it to use its technology to help more people.

“We work with local authorities to help further the independence of their learning disability population”


Autonome allows users to access videos via their phones or tablets that show them tasks such as making a cup of coffee or using the tumble drier, to help them gain more independence. All the user has to do is scan a household item (i.e. the kettle) via unique QR codes and off they go.

Independent living tech: Helping people with learning difficulties through everyday tasks


It provides over 70 videos covering various aspects of cooking, cleaning, safety and personal hygiene, accessible via any Apple or Android smart phone or tablet.

William Britton, Founder and CEO of AutonoMe (pictured right), tells us: “We work with local authorities to help further the independence of their learning disability population working closely alongside key stakeholders to deliver better care packages.

“The new investment will enable us to further scale up the business by improving our technology and expand the team in Bristol and the South West.”

Autonome is supported by the Bristol Private Equity Club, founding member Jerry Barnes tells us: “We have been impressed at the progress made on the AutonoMe product since our initial investment and a number of our members were keen to ensure that the funds are there to scale-up to the next level.

“The care sector is a growing one and innovative solutions that harness the power of technology are the ones that will provide the solutions for the future that can support people across the country and worldwide.”

You can find out more about the AutonoMe app on the Autonome website. You can also stay up to date with the company’s developments via Twitter here: @AutonoMeNews or on Facebook here: AutonomeNews.

Jamie Middleton