Bristol-based defence consultancy, Techmodal has launched a new growth accelerator programme as they seek to attract innovative ideas and projects that they can support and help grow.

Looking for people or companies who specialise in disruptive technologies, the data-driven firm is offering their knowledge and experience in a number of areas from financial investment to mentorship.

Liam Fitzpatrick of Techmodal said “This is our first ever open call to market for ideas. The hope is to attract ideas and projects that individuals/companies have that they require support with. We are able to offer a wide range of support, tailored in provision to the applicant as they wish. We are purposefully casting out a wide net on the types of opportunities and support requests we will consider, to ensure good ideas are not missed.”

Three issues that often surround individuals, startups and SME’s in early development are the access to funding, market analysis and proper staffing, all things that Techmodal are seeking to address.

Being originally a grassroots start-up ourselves, we have faced these problems and successfully overcome them

Liam sees companies that specialise in disruptive technologies as the ideal partners to which Techmodal can lend their expertise “As a data-driven consultancy business, we achieve success by providing our customers fresh data insights to enable smarter business decisions. We are known for unlocking the potential of untapped data, and our delivery is supported by our skilled staff who deliver tangible results, quickly. We are looking to collaborate with companies in the disruptive technology space that will help us be able to achieve greater success and quality of outputs, for example through providing a greater understanding in interpreting and using data faster, maximising the utility of data and offering scalable, future-proof solutions”


Competency Network: Where do you fit in?

Techmodal’s own journey so far has many parallels with the SME journey, as Liam elaborates “Being originally a grassroots start-up ourselves, we have faced these problems and successfully overcome them. As a result, we are able to offer applicants a wide range of support (see website list) they may potentially need to overcome these problems, obtain a greater chance of initial success and increase their pace of commercial acceleration. Based on the challenges that will evolve over the course of the applicant’s journey, we can vary the amount and type of support that is offered throughout.”

The deadline for online applications is 15 June, after which selected applicants will be invited to Techmodal’s Bristol office to pitch their ideas. With the successful applicants chose soon after.




Geraint Evans