Bristol-based Simpleweb , who is best known for supporting and investing in startups both locally and further afield, is set to host another of their famous hacknights this September 19.

Bringing together techies, creatives and idea-lovers, they’re inviting the South West community to join them for one evening only for a quick-fire approach into hacking and prototyping new and wacky ideas on the theme ‘Appetite for Distraction’.

At a time where many of us are regularly distracted by the world around us – be that social media, noise pollution or our own whirring minds, the challenge is:

“How can we be less distracted, really enjoy the world around us and live more ‘in the moment’?”

Creative Minds

The great thing about Simpleweb’s hacknights is that, despite the many tech-based misconceptions about hacking, you don’t need to know how to code to get involved!

Whether you use the evening to come up with a pitch for a new app, design a board game, code something crazy or draw out a prototype on pen and paper – it’s up to you!

This time around, Simpleweb is partnering with the Women’s Tech Hub network to encourage a more diverse audience to come along and give hacknights a go too.

Of course, it’s worth noting that these hacknights are also well known for their provisions – with delicious homemade food, copious amounts of tea and some cheeky beers on hand to keep their attendees going.

But with over 40 signed up already and limited places available, it’s best to get signed up now before it’s too late.

Join the Simpleweb meetup group and RSVP to get involved. You can also stay up-to-date by following them on Twitter at: @Simpleweb .

Geraint Evans