The Remarkable Lives team, based in the south-west,  is tackling loneliness and isolation, compounded by negative perceptions of later life, against the backdrop of fragmented families and reduced connectivity between the generations.

The Remarkable Lives app builds an interactive timeline of memories for older people. But whereas traditional social networks can’t backdate, and document only what’s happening in our lives in the present, Remarkable Lives is unique in chronicling people’s life stories from the beginning. And although people can enjoy using the app to record a personal memoir, it’s main purpose is to encourage people to help save someone else’s life story, perhaps before it’s too late. Less selfie, more selfless. 

How the app works

Remarkable Lives has been co-designed with older people and families, so it aims to be simple and intuitive to use. A key feature is that it doesn’t require an older person – the subject – who might not be tech savvy or confident using apps, to operate it. The whole point is that someone else, such as a child or grandchild, will create the profile and populate the timeline with photos and stories. It’s about encouraging conversation, a meaningful shared activity that connects people across the generations; it’s about bringing families together around an older relative.

Owen McNeir, Founder Remarkable Lives, said “It isn’t designed as a tribute app, but as in my own experience, having missed out on so many of my grandparents’ memories, I think this will be one of Remarkable Lives’ most valued benefits.

“I believe we need innovations in ageing that offer preventative solutions to achieve a healthier society in the future. In a world that is absorbed and preoccupied by the present, that switches off from old age, we need to build greater social cohesion. Surely, the key is to encourage everyone in society – all age groups – to take ownership of their later life earlier on. This starts by engaging with older relatives now, using a product that makes human interaction across the generations easier for both relatives and care professionals.”

You can download the Remarkable Lives app from App store now.