Bath-based Rocketmakers Ltd. was awarded Britain’s top business ( Queen’s Award for Enterprise ) honour by two representatives of Her Majesty the Queen at a celebration in Bath on 20th September.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset, Anne Maw, presented Rocketmakers CEO Richard Godfrey with a commemorative vase for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) while Deputy Lieutenant Richard Case read the royal proclamation of the award from a parchment scroll.

Rocketmakers was awarded the honour for its work creating the Performance Development Management System (PDMS) in partnership with the English Institute of Sport (EIS). PDMS is used by Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches, and medical support staff to manage training, maximise performance, and minimise the impact of injuries.

By designing apps that allow athletes to record key information after every training session, support staff can track energy levels, recovery times, and even an athlete’s mood over time.

The app is combined with a desktop-based system that allows coaches and medical staff to plot changes in athlete’s performance, schedule the optimal times for plane travel, plan recoveries from injuries, and gain insight into best practice for different types of training.

Unmatched by any comparable system in use in other countries, PDMS provides coaches and team doctors with the right information at the right time to make the right decision.

Created in 2014, PDMS has been used by dozens of British medal-winning and world-championship-winning athletes in top-level competitions around the world. The system has been adopted by nearly every governing sports body in the UK in the lead up to the 2020 games.

Speaking to the assembled Rocketmakers employees, clients, friends and family, Mrs Maw said, “It is a genuine honour to be presenting this award to Rocketmakers on behalf of Her Majesty. This award is a real accomplishment. Only a very small percentage of the companies that apply are successful with their application. I hope everyone at Rocketmakers takes great pride in what they have accomplished.”

Rocketmakers CEO Richard Godfrey was beaming as he accepted the vase and scroll from the Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenant. “This has been a fantastic year for Rocketmakers – a fantastic few years really. I’m delighted to accept this award on behalf of my fellow co-founder Keith Walker, and everyone at Rocketmakers who has helped to make this possible.”


Geraint Evans