Did you catch everything at Bristech this year? The one-day tech event, showcasing speakers from across the technical spectrum, was jam-packed with incredible talks. Ranging from the more technical tools, languages, techniques and frameworks to questions of ethics, soft skills and diversity there was something for everyone. Of course, you may not have been able to attend, or catch all the talks you wanted to see, which is where we come in. The Bristech team have released the videos for all the talks at last months conference, and we’ve compiled a few for you here.

Dora Militaru: Where are the Women?

Dora is a senior developer at the Financial Times, where she works on FT.com.

Her hit talk will help you understand and begin to fix the diversity issue in technology and beyond. It’ll help you contribute to our community becoming more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for everyone.

Ben Byford: Holistic ethical machines

Ben is an AI ethics researcher, technologist and host of the Machine Ethics Podcast.

His talk takes a quick look at some of the issues, at the design, business, data and algorithms that make up a holistic view of creating ethical AI.

Cecilia Thirlaway: The art and science of communicating complex messages 

Cecilia is a strategic comms consultant and writer working with technology companies, innovation teams, and change/innovation consultants to help them express what they do clearly and effectively, engage their audiences, and bring about change.

Her talk seeks to answer the question of how to communicate well and tell the right kinds of stories about technology to overcome some of these problems. Taking look at some tried and tested communications techniques to help.

Antony Waldock: Learning to navigate in unstructured environments

Antony is a principal robotics engineer building new products at Dyson using the latest machine learning techniques.

This talk discusses the challenges involved in navigating in an unstructured and changing environment and highlights the importance of extensive real-world testing especially as machine learning approaches become more prevalent.

Viki Johnson: Enhancing Exhibits with augmented reality

Viki is an XR Developer at Zubr, here in Bristol, where she works on an ever-changing variety of augmented reality projects,

Her talk discusses how to use AR to add value to your galleries. How to enlighten visitors and enhance their experience in a way that is sympathetic to the message you are trying to send, with the help of this wondrous and pretty exciting technology.

These are just a few of our highlights from Bristech, you can find the full videos for all 18 talks on the Bristech YouTube Channel.