Kyero is an international property business based in Bath who use data to gather information about the niche market of overseas homes and the audience that wants to buy them.

To make this happen, they need a data team that is able to analyse the information effectively. However, assembling an in-house team turned out to be too expensive and they didn’t know what they were looking for.

 “We quickly realised we didn’t have hope of assembling a fully equipped data team. It was harder than we thought, and we didn’t know what good looks like”, says Martin Dell, CEO of Kyero.

As a solution, they partnered with Bristol-based Ketl, giving them access to their skilled data team and their platform Clekt.

Clekt offers a slightly different consultancy to the standard model: they bring in their client’s data onto their platform. From there, the Clekt team analyses it and consults their client on the picture that emerges from the data.

Kyero is a company that relies heavily on data, being on the sharp end of the new data economy. Instead of letting it get in their way, they have made that their selling point, using data to improve their sales. But they are not trained in the analysis of complex data.

“We rely on data but it’s not the thing that we sell. As techies we thought we could manage, but the more we tried, the more complex we realised the challenge actually was”, says Martin Dell, CEO of Kyero. “Moving to the Clekt platform means that we have our own out-sourced data department, but really, it’s so much more than that. With Clekt, we have a trusted partner.”