Bristol-based Candide has launched a free, augmented reality plant identification and tagging tool. Candide Labels is set to make plant labelling easier and help to reduce the use of plastic in gardens.

Candide is a fast-growing startup based in central Bristol with a mission to help and inspire new and experienced gardeners alike, through innovative technologies and passion for sharing knowledge.

The company was born from the desire to help people get more from their gardens, to connect with a wider community of nature-lovers and to ultimately harness new machine learning and AR technologies to make gardening more enjoyable for all.

Simply load the app and hold the camera up to focus on a plant or shrub you wish to identify. The app will automatically suggest the name from Candide’s extensive plant database, enabling you to place a virtual label.

The new Candide Labels feature offers huge benefits to gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts, removing the need to physically label plants and flowers. With sustainability in mind, this will help avoid the need for plastic plant labels currently being used in gardens around the world. 

Commenting on the new technology, Andrew Philbrick, Candide’s Founder, said; “Candide – Plants and Gardening is unique in offering a rich and warm gardening community, together with an extensive knowledge base and news service, backed by cutting edge technology. 

Expanding on our success, Candide Labels is a really useful and practical tool. You can have your plant list in your pocket to share with others at any time. 

It also means you can avoid having to insert plastic labels into your beds which makes it great for sustainability.” 

The Candide – Plants and Gardening app has been featured at the top of the App Store’s lifestyle page and also been selected as App of the Day. The app has a 4.9* rating, independently given by users and is the highest rated app for gardening in its category. 

Geraint Evans