Dr Ramsey Faragher, Founder of Focal Point Positioning, has been presented with a GPS World signals leadership award at the annual GPS World Dinner held at the Institute of Navigation GNSS+ Conference. The award is for Focal Point’s groundbreaking technology which dramatically improves the sensitivity, accuracy and integrity of GPS systems.

Ramsay Farragher HeadshotIn his acceptance speech, Ramsey praised his team and said: “critically it is the hard work of our partner chipset companies too that are really moving the technology into the real world.” Founded 4 years ago, Focal Point who recently opened a development hub in Bristol, to help focus efforts on fine-tuning their now commercially-deployable technology.

Focal Point is bringing an accurate position and time to smartphones and autonomous platforms through its products S-GPS and D-Tail. S-GPS is a software upgrade for GNSS receivers that dramatically improves their sensitivity, accuracy and integrity in urban environments and indoors. D-Tail™ is our state-of-the-art 3D human motion tracking engine that can utilise smartphone-grade IMUs to provide high accuracy trajectory reconstruction with very low drift.

The ION GNSS+ 2019 Conference is the 31st International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation (ION) and world’s largest technical meeting and a showcase of GNSS technology, products and services and brings together thought-leaders in the field to present new research, introduce new technologies, and exchange ideas.


Darren Buckle, COO, commented: “It is an honour for both Ramsey and Focal Point to be recognised for its leadership in bringing the next generation of GNSS technology to the world. It only highlights the level of industry-changing innovation that is still being developed by British startups and we look forward to continuing the work with our partners on bringing these technologies to the world.”