Last Wednesday saw the culmination of a 3-month selection process to showcase the best companies in the South West, currently looking for investment, at Silicon Gorge Investor Showcase. 

The 12 brilliant companies selected during the process (from almost 70 applications) won the opportunity to pitch to an audience of investors, both angels and early-stage VCs, as well as the local networks, to showcase their innovative technologies and ideas. 

The companies pitched for 5 minutes each to an audience of 80 investors, angels and ecosystem leaders.  Pitchers fielded questions from a panel of expert investors including Charles Grimsdale, Founder of Eden Ventures & Angel Investor, Triin Linamagi, VP of Investments at The Venture Collective, Melanie Goward, Investment Director at Maven Capital Partners, and Pete Stirling, CEO at STL Tech & Angel Investor. 

Although general sentiment across the market seems to be that funding is taking longer than normal in times of COVID19, according to Beauhurst there have been 9 investments into the region in April, so there is still plenty of activity, and Silicon Gorge hopes to initiate these conversations for the next group of startups. 

These are the companies that took part in Silicon Gorge this year, if you’re an investor and you’d like any more information on these – do contact

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon develop graphene-based sensors which can detect a range of chemical compounds. They are working towards creating a chip that uses multiple sensor elements on an array. Their chip is combined with artificial intelligence to help identify unique smells, by digitally fingerprinting them in real-time. They aim to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realm and to allow humankind to know more than ever before.


Bitvu makes simple, powerful and affordable products for digital signage, enabling businesses to harness the power of screens for advertising and corporate communications.

Condense Reality

Augmented / virtual reality and real-time 3D applications will drive a major shift in the way we consume entertainment, communicate and work. Condense Reality are building the technology to easily create volumetric video content for these platforms.


Ferryx is a recently incorporated University of Bristol spin-out company, which is developing safe, effective bacterial products to prevent and treat gastrointestinal inflammatory illness in humans and animals.


LanguageMate have developed a website which allows their users to enjoy learning vocabulary in their target language, whilst reading in their native language.


Lumio effortlessly shows you where your savings and earnings ought to be growing – without the need for a financial adviser.


Neoptera Aero is electrifying the future of Vertical flight by developing the eOpter, an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that offers a safer, more affordable and more environmentally conscious alternative to helicopters and other forms of vertical flight.

Quantum Dice

Quantum Dice is an Oxford University spinout developing self-certifying quantum random number generators for the hardware security sector. They use integrated photonics technology to generate cryptographically secure random numbers from an on-chip laser source.


Roqqett is an easy new way to pay friends and retailers. On-line and in-store. A mobile app for greater security and convenience.


Stornaway aims to be the only end-to-end platform allowing filmmakers to plan, write, edit and publish interactive films quickly, affordably and without coding.


Virtual Heart by ELEM is a cloud deployed platform for in silico medical trials enabling medical device makers and CROs (contract research organisations) to test high risk cardiac devices on virtual patients.


Vitamica is developing a new, rapid method of showing which antibiotic will be most effective to treat a patient’s infection; helping to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and slow the spread of antibiotic resistance


Silicon Gorge will be running again in Autumn, with applications opening in August so if you’d like to take part, do keep an eye on TechSPARK for more details. 

Silicon Gorge is a part of the Investment Activator Progamme (IAP). The IAP is a pioneering collaboration between private and public sector organisations has been put together to help catalyse investment into fast-growing startups in Bristol, Bath and the West of England. Want support from the Investment Activator Programme – contact