BJSS today announced, at the Women in Leeds Digital (WiLD) annual conference, an ambitious UK-wide programme to accelerate the recruitment of school leavers, apprentices, university graduates, and people retraining or returning to work. BJSS, who have a Bristol base, have already created seven new roles for

80 new roles, which will be filled between now and 2021, have been ringfenced for this initiative. Recruits will be supported by the Company’s existing BJSS Academy learning and development infrastructure, and will benefit from a programme of internal, external and on the job learning that is carefully designed to nurture their consulting and delivery skills.

For the Bristol region, this is the fifth year that BJSS has shown its commitment to creating opportunities for graduates and apprentices who are looking to take their first career steps. Already this year, the team has created seven new technology roles for young people in the local area.

Stuart Bullock, Managing Director, BJSS, says: “BJSS has always been an enthusiastic employer of young people, and I’m thrilled that we’re rising to the skills challenge by extending opportunities to people who wish to retrain for broad-ranging careers across our portfolio of consulting roles, or those returning to work.”

“The BJSS Academy plays an exciting and vital role in upskilling people while ensuring that we maintain the expertise we need to deliver some of Britain’s most high-profile projects.”

“Getting people working in roles where they will thrive is a fundamental national priority and we’re pleased to play our part in supporting Britain’s economic recovery.”

The BJSS Academy has recorded several successes since it was first introduced in 2015, including a BJSS staff member being named as Europe’s top young software tester. The current cohort comprises 33 young people from across the UK and will run until early October.

Job seekers wishing to engage with BJSS about these opportunities can visit for further information.