Views For Change, the Adtech For Good platform, has announced £180k investment in a pre-seed round from a group of experienced angel investors to transform the way brands improve their advertising performance for good.

The innovative platform embeds charity donation rewards into advertising engagements; so brands can experience more meaningful engagements, higher performance and brand loyalty, while donating to causes they care about when their consumers engage with their brand. 

With 90% of consumers reporting they would switch to a brand that supports a good cause; the Views For Change platform enables brands to meet consumer demands from their very first interaction.

Change is on the horizon

Bristol-based Views For Change is excited to welcome experienced investors including Chris Letcher (SeedLegals, MentionMe, ConferWith, SecretEscapes) who commented that, moving the needle on advertising campaigns can blow the roof off business performance – that’s exactly what Views For Change is doing. 

“Doing good is no longer a nice-to-have in business; it is necessary for growth.”

Following extensive testing & modelling, Views For Change have been building a platform to make donation rewards marketing accessible to brands across the UK at scale. 

This investment round will accelerate the deployment of the platform to the early access brands looking to improve performance and do good; enabling them to build donations into the heart of (and enhance) their ‘business-as-usual’ activities. 

The Views For Change team is led by female founder Nicola Telford, who says, consumers are fed up with seeing adverts from brands that don’t value their time & attention; with 9/10 switching off or disengaging for that reason. 

“Brands need to inject tangible impact into their communications to create meaningful engagements and relationships with their audiences. Rewarding engagement with donations to charity is the best way to do this.”

With the increased recognition of the need for business to be a force for good; companies are seeking new and innovative ways to embed impact into their activities. With the odds stacked against female founders when raising investment, Nicola says, “There’s no denying how tough raising investment can be, especially as a female founder, so we’re delighted to have curated such an experienced and interesting group of investors at this early stage, all of whom bring an unique perspective to the business.

”We are thrilled that our investors and early access brands can see the value to business that having an impact can have.”

The team’s focus is now on accelerating deployment of the platform to brands and their supporting advertising agencies. For brands and agencies interested in early access to the platform, register your interest here

the investment activator programme is supported by: Engine Shed, delaware, rocketmakers, sanderson, TLT, WECA and UWE Bristol