Our 10 Silicon Gorge Autumn winners have been announced! After being hand-picked by our awesome judges following a semi-finals round, these 10 startups are set to pitch at the Investor Showcase on 11 November.

These winners have been through a 3-stage process, including succeeding in a pitching competition in front of an experienced network and investor judges to win this opportunity to pitch to investors at the online Investor Showcase as part of the Investment Activator Programme.

The final showcase will be in front of angel investors, early stage VCs and also enablers and advisors of investment, so an ideal networking opportunity for those looking to raise. Furthermore, there is additional marketing and PR support available to those who make it to the competition stage. As well as a Pitching Workshop for the final 10 to hone their skills.

Any investors interested in attending the final event on 11th November should contact abby@techspark.co to join the invite list.

Pitching for investment between £150,000 and £3m, the following companies (listed in alphabetical order) will be joining us for the Investor Showcase.

Airway MedicalThe AMSU™ will help emergency first responders save the lives of patients with a blocked airway.

All About The Cooks is an online marketplace which makes it easy to buy and sell home-cooked food.

Amplify.link is the HubSpot for the music and creator industries, combining a suite of disparate tools into a powerful engagement, monetisation and growth platform.

Data Duopoly incentivises visitors to explore and gathers powerful data insights to shape a venues’ future.

Earswitch proved that voluntary movements of the eardrum could be filmed and used to trigger a virtual keyboard used for communication.

Glas DataDeveloped for the agricultural sector, Glas Data automates data collection to smooth mundane tasks, detects disasters in real time and notifies, tracks KPIs and detects meaningful patterns, evidences compliance.

Greener is a B2B algorithmic matchmaking platform which connects food and drink SMEs who are looking for sustainable solutions with SMEs who offer innovative sustainable solutions.

Kubos Semiconductors is developing an exciting new material that will revolutionise LEDs, this unique technology solves a problem the LED industry has wrestled with for years known as the “green gap” by unlocking huge energy savings and delivering reductions in the carbon impact of lighting and displays.

Paranimo was created after experiencing the accessibility and complexity challenges of accessing mental health support. Their effective and predictive technology empowers individuals to take control of their mental wellbeing, delivering relevant support at the right time for the best possible outcomes.

The Greener GreensBuilding a distributed global supply chain that uses aeroponic grow technology to fulfill micro green orders for the superyacht market.

the investment activator programme is supported by: Engine Shed, delaware, rocketmakers, sanderson, TLT, WECA and UWE Bristol