Alongside this year’s Silicon Gorge: Autumn Edition we’re publishing profiles of a few of the companies that have made it through to the heats. Up next is Glas Datacheck out the full list of winners here!

Answering our questions today is Founder Rob Sanders (pictured below)

1.  What does your company do?

Glas Data unifies agricultural and environmental data from any source without restrictions. We provide, data aggregation, visualisation, mapping, real time monitoring and statistics & prediction services.

2.  What problem are you trying to solve?

Fundamentally, if we are to achieve a more sustainable and also more productive future, deep and complex data analysis will be required. Why? Simply put, increases in efficiency, sustainability and yield cannot be identified unless key variables are captured and analysed. To date the agricultural sector has not been able to do this effectively. This is due to data points either not available / collected, or ending up siloed and in effective islands where they cannot be cross correlated.

3.  What makes your solution unique?

To date no other company has created a truly flexible system that can scale to any type of information and that is also available affordably to anyone in the sector. Our vision is to lower the barriers to accessing this type of technology.

4.  What are you most proud of so far?

Overcoming the significant challenges that come with creating a system that is truly flexible. We have had to design new architectures from the ground up.

5.  How much are you raising and what do you want to use investment for?

Glas Data is raising £500k with £250k already committed. This will be used to scale out our sales to capitalise on current traction.

6.  What tools/people/services/organisations helped you most?

Our early adopters in the agricultural sector and research institution partners have given us huge help both in designing the product and in its early usage.

7.  Where can we find out more about you?

To find out more go to our website here, or reach out to Rob Sanders at

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