Interactive filmmaking platform and UK based startup,, has been awarded an Audience of the Future award by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to let creators easily author interactive video stories for multiple platforms including major game, mobile, desktop, film, tv and video on demand platforms, via a simple automated integration with Unity.

The team has been growing from strength to strength following their success in our 2020 Silicon Gorge competition, with this recent news compounding the list of reasons to watch this space for what Stornaway’s future holds.

The concept behind Stornaway is to aid filmmakers with creative storytelling tools to make it super easy for creatives to dream up and deliver fun, complex, multilayered non-linear stories without having knowledge of coding and without complexity.

The first interactive feature film created in Stornaway, “The Gallery”, produced by Aviary Studios, will be released as a live interactive experience in cinemas later this year. A hostage thriller in an art gallery, set in a choice of either 1981 or 2021, The Gallery will be the first interactive feature film to be released in theaters as well as on Xbox, Playstation, Steam, iOS and Android.

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"Interactive video is much more than just a video with a button on it. It’s a new way of thinking about video and film, by joining up multiple clips into interactive stories, journeys and experiences."

—Ru Howe, Co-founder of

Aviary Studios has been working with Stornaway to develop their workflow for delivery from Stornaway via Unity to these platforms, and will be continuing to advise on this Audience of the Future project to help pave the way for future creators wanting to do the same in multiple industries. has selected immersive design studio Infinity27 in Gateshead as their Unity development partners, so the project is a powerful collaboration between innovative film and immersive tech companies in the South West and North East.

Writer-Director of “The Gallery”, prolific interactive filmmaker Paul Raschid, who is already working on his next interactive film, said of the software: “Stornaway has completely revolutionised our way of working, saving time and money and allowing me to put more budget onscreen..”

This award will pave the way to let creators deliver these stories direct to apps, TV, VR, game consoles, LMS and marketing platforms.- including interactive films, 360 video experiences, personalised training and education.

Co-Founder and product designer of Ru Howe says, “Interactive video is much more than just a video with a button on it. It’s a new way of thinking about video and film, by joining up multiple clips into interactive stories, journeys and experiences.

“We built as an interactive filmmaking platform, and it’s grown to be a creative-focused production tool for all kinds of experiences in every sector – from feature films like The Gallery and immersive theatre productions, to product demos and tours, recruitment and training, challenges and behaviour change campaigns.

“The next phase is to enable even easier delivery of those stories to every platform natively from Stornaway’s unique authoring tools – and we’re delighted that Innovate UK has seen the power of this idea to help us move it forward.”

Launched in 2020, is an industry-leading SaaS interactive content creation platform that uniquely provides the ability to gamify and personalize your story.  It was created by husband and wife team, video tech inventor Ru Howe and writer/producer Kate Dimbleby who saw the need for better tools for interactive storytelling. The company was listed in Top 100 Createch Ones To Watch 2021.

With simple, template-based tools and realtime playback, Stornaway lets creators easily create interactive video and 360 stories for the web, social media and YouTube. Stornaway is rapidly gaining traction with thousands of users worldwide including enterprises, small businesses and independent creators.

Theatre companies like the Egg Assembly, Theatre Royal in Bath, used the platform to innovate during lockdown and created a Creative Learning Portal for their show about the life of singer Josephine Baker and brands like Diageo, Deutsche Telekom and Virgin Media are using the software to create more immersive content for their customers and employees.