As its Startup Month here at TechSPARK we’ve picked five SETsquared Bath startups that we believe are ones to watch in 2022, but would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the other amazing startups who are a part of the SETsquared Bath community – so check out the full list of companies here.

The SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre is in the heart of the city near the main transport hubs. They offer workspace, business acceleration and inspiration for high-growth companies and the entrepreneurs that create them. The business acceleration programmes include mentoring, training programmes and access to investors.

Its Virtual Accelerator Membership Programme is designed and delivered to member startup and scaleup companies through a bespoke support package of benefits with the aim of building resilient, investable, high-growth businesses.

Causal Map is a new online research tool, a way to code, analyse and visualise fragments of information about what causes what. It can be used to make sense of what interviewees tell you in social science research, or to visualise stakeholders’ experiences of how a programme or intervention is working and create collective empirical ‘theories of change’.

Causal Map is designed to help you identify and highlight information about what causes what within the text, then use powerful filtering and queries to help you aggregate, visualise and present how your sources perceive change happens. You upload texts containing people’s views about what causes what. This could be interviews, emails, published documents, questionnaire answers to open questions.

Allowing you to do what no other software can: Causal Map enables you to code, organise, understand and present this information as a network or map.

Other qualitative research software is designed to tag and organise the themes and frequency of themes within these kinds of texts. Other kinds of specialist software can help you to construct and present information about a network. But how about being able to do both together?

Included in our Tech for Good Fintech feature, Roqqett is here to make payments better: for consumers, retailers and anyone who needs to pay or get paid safely and securely. Most of the card payment systems people use daily were invented 60 years ago, they think it’s time for an upgrade. Born in 2020, Roqqett is an exciting FinTech startup with an astounding vision to disrupt the world of payments.

With Roqqett you can:

Get access to your money insights – Achieve your money goals with your own money newsfeed to keep track of your finances and spending habits.

Join a new generation of online payments – No fields to fill out, no card numbers to type in, just checkout with Roqqett when shopping online.

Pay or get paid anytime, anywhere and by anyone using your banking apps – No cards, no cash, just Roqqett.

With an increased awareness of human impact on the environment, businesses have a growing responsibility to mitigate their carbon footprint.

Spherics is working to help companies, large and small, do just that. The cloud-based platform enables businesses to understand their carbon footprint and make net zero a reality. As featured on the Tech for Good Bristol & Bath dataset, their mission is to illuminate the path to net zero by 2030 for millions of businesses, by providing quick and affordable technologies to support their journey.

Unsurprisingly, the startup has received a lot of traction for its goals, which captures the zeitgeist of the 2020s. Spherics were one of the Silicon Gorge 2021 winners, received the Sustainable Innovation Fund from Innovate UK and won Tech Nation’s Rising Stars 2021 award for The Best in the UK Early-Stage Climate-Tech.

Tickitto offer the most intuitive API for unlocking a global supply of tickets. Search, book, and manage tickets across more than 6 categories, all through one single connection.

Working with the best names in sports, music, theatre, live entertainment, museums, and tours, Tickitto gives you access to the best experiences in the world across different categories.

Whether you already have the skills and resources to add ticket sales into your website, or need help to achieve that, Tickitto has the right solutions to get your customers accessing a global supply of tickets to events and experiences within days.

2021 was a landmark year for the Bath-based startup, having grown it’s team by 200% over the last 6 months, and are still offering challenging and rewarding career opportunities to continue their growth in 2022.

Nominees for The ‘Totally Killing it Award’ at last year’s SPARKies AwardsGen3D‘s design software for additive manufacturing, Sulis, enables engineers to create optimised components that can be 3D printed with confidence. The software is intuitive to use with advanced customisation tools not available with other software providers.

Gen3D offers:

  • Sulis Flow – This module allows engineers to design and optimise complex fluid flow components that will be 3D printed. The simple and flexible interface allows you to rapidly generate new concepts that are optimised for additive manufacturing. This module is ideal for manifolds, heat transfer, injection moulding and many more applications.
  • Sulis Lattice – This module provides an easy way for design engineers to get complex lattice structures into their 3D models. This module is ideal for energy absorption, heat transfer, filtration and many more applications across industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and medical.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our predictions for SETsquared Bath startups ones to watch in 2022! To find out more about any of these businesses, make sure to have a look at our Companies Page where you’ll find a collection of job vacancies, upcoming events, and news articles.

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