Alongside the official launch of our Tech for Good Bristol & Bath mircosite – designed and developed by our friends at Rocketmakers – we’ll still be bringing you weekly installments of key Tech for Good players across various subsectors – next up is Behaviour & Culture.

But first, a bit of context for any newcomers. In the Summer of 2021, Briony Phillips, Scaleup Lead at Rocketmakers, noticed a sudden flurry of people investigating the key players in Tech for Good in Bristol and Bath.

People were interested in the support ecosystem, and in the businesses working towards NetZero, Zero Carbon, Tech for Good, Green Tech. So, that prompted an action research project.

Briony reached out to local networks and undertook some of her own exploration to put together a list of the support organisations and actors in the local Tech for Good scene.

The outcome is a comprehensive data resource detailing the Tech for Good organisations working in Bristol & Bath today – which you can check out here! You can also find more information about Tech for Good Bristol and Bath’s humble beginnings here. 

There is a selection of organisations working in Bristol & Bath today aiming to catalyse a positive shift in our behaviour & culture through tech. This spans everything from incorporating inclusive practices into our working methods to building sustainable solutions.

Arima & Co

Arima & Co is on a mission to change the marketing sector and make inclusive marketing the industry standard. Picture diverse stock photos, accessible content, strategic campaigns, and company-wide process changes that mirror society – as it really is. It’s not wishful thinking. It’s 100% possible and easy for companies to implement. Arima can come in and show you how.


Diversily is driving a collective force for good to drive positive change. The change they want to see is diverse, inclusive and representative workforces filled with people who are inspired to be their best authentic selves. They do this by creating frameworks, courses and workshops that change mindsets, simplify strategic management and inspire inclusive action.


FlourishZone is revolutionising the way employers address the £200 billion per annum cost of poor productivity, low well-being and sub-optimal resilience. Their augmented intelligence platform provides a hyper-personalised AI Coach for every employee. Through leveraging thousands of scientific insights, expert improvement tools and behavioural change methods, it engages and empowers people to fulfil their potential and make a difference in organisations they’re proud of.

Greener Hours

Greener Hours is a consumer app that provides a personalised real-time, low-carbon energy forecast, empowering people to choose to use electricity in their home when it’s cleanest (from renewable sources).

The Bristol Cable

The Bristol Cable produces quality local journalism, powered by members. They are building open source membership system to radically improve engagement with journalism and how journalists engage with communities.


Spherics is a cloud-based platform, enabling businesses to understand their carbon footprint and make net zero a reality. Their mission is to illuminate the path to net zero by 2030 for millions of businesses, by providing quick and affordable technologies to support their journey.


YelloButterly has creased the award-winning Voice Letter and Record and Learn re-recordable devices, aimed at bridging the gap between the Literate and the pre-Literate worlds and designed to support individuals of all ages, cultures and learning abilities.


Wazoku is a complete enterprise innovation platform with all the tools you need to innovate at scale – accelerate innovation outcomes, embed a culture of innovation or solve a complex innovation challenge. Through their market-leading technology, proven methodologies and Open Innovation Marketplace, they empower organisations to solve complex problems and continually drive innovation

What is Tech for Good? For this project, we identify ‘Tech for Good’ as a community of people, projects, and organisations utilising technology to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes and doing so in a way that is collaborative and user-led.

There is a long-standing network of support for Tech for Good in the South West who are running a series of events in October, find out more about them and join their community here.

This article and the Tech for Good Bristol & Bath dataset and event is a collaboration between TechSPARK and Rocketmakers. TechSPARK is a not-for-profit community whose mission is to strengthen the tech ecosystem in Bristol, Bath and Wiltshire. We engage over 35,000 a month through events, community management, news and our growth programmes.

Rocketmakers is a Bath-based software development agency on a mission to have a direct, positive and meaningful impact on the lives of more than 50 million people through the software they build and the support they provide.