Alongside the official launch of our Tech for Good Bristol & Bath mircosite – designed and developed by our friends at Rocketmakers – we’ll still be bringing you weekly installments of key Tech for Good players across various subsectors – next up is Deeptech.

But first, a bit of context for any newcomers. In the Summer of 2021, Briony Phillips, Scaleup Lead at Rocketmakers, noticed a sudden flurry of people investigating the key players in Tech for Good in Bristol and Bath.

People were interested in the support ecosystem, and in the businesses working towards NetZero, Zero Carbon, Tech for Good, Green Tech. So, that prompted an action research project.

Briony reached out to local networks and undertook some of her own exploration to put together a list of the support organisations and actors in the local Tech for Good scene.

The outcome is a comprehensive data resource detailing the Tech for Good organisations working in Bristol & Bath today – which you can check out here! You can also find more information about Tech for Good Bristol and Bath’s humble beginnings here. 

The deeptech scene is flourishing in the South West thanks to the plethora of resources, dedicated incubators & focus on deeptech specific investment. Within this, a subsector of deeptech companies working in the. Tech for Good sphere has emerged.


HiETA Technologies Limited is a product design, development and production company, based in Bristol and Bath Science Park, exploiting additive manufacturing. Its mission is to reduce the environmental impact of energy systems through innovative thermal engineering technology.


Inductosense is a UK-based company that designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensor technologies for internal corrosion and erosion monitoring. They provide our customers with a full selection of sensing, data acquisition and data analysis options to help them effectively manage internal corrosion and erosion. They provide their customers with a full selection of sensing, data acquisition and data analysis options to help them effectively manage internal corrosion and erosion.


NuNano is a UK-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of probes for atomic force microscopy and cantilever-based sensor devices. Their proprietary microfabrication processes enable us to manufacture AFM probes with the tightest dimensional tolerances in the market at present.

What is Tech for Good? For this project, we identify ‘Tech for Good’ as a community of people, projects, and organisations utilising technology to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes and doing so in a way that is collaborative and user-led.

There is a long-standing network of support for Tech for Good in the South West who are running a series of events in October, find out more about them and join their community here.

This article and the Tech for Good Bristol & Bath dataset and event is a collaboration between TechSPARK and Rocketmakers. TechSPARK is a not-for-profit community whose mission is to strengthen the tech ecosystem in Bristol, Bath and Wiltshire. We engage over 35,000 a month through events, community management, news and our growth programmes.

Rocketmakers is a Bath-based software development agency on a mission to have a direct, positive and meaningful impact on the lives of more than 50 million people through the software they build and the support they provide.

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