The fintech for good company, LOQBOX has announced an exciting partnership with to help Americans without a credit history, which will further the Bristol-based team’s presence across the pond. The partnership will help consumers to make the best choices for themselves to improve their financial situation.

LOQBOX has expanded its services to Americans wanting access to a richer life. The multi-award winning business launched in the US in 2020 and has already helped almost a million people to master their money while they save and build their credit score.

This comes after a string of developments to LOQBOX’s offering back home, including giving renters the opportunity to build credit worthiness and a partnership with Kroo enabling customers to become financially included for free.

Eliminating credit history anxiety

The latest partnership with will help the hardest working Americans to build a credit history and will empower people to navigate the complicated world of personal finance and achieve financial wellbeing.

Gregor Mowat, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of LOQBOX says, “We want to give anyone and everyone access to a richer life and by partnering with ExtraCredit, we believe this is a great way to help people who may not have a credit history or score. Since launching LOQBOX, we have helped around a million people with building a credit history and this exciting partnership will allow us to do even more in this space.”

LOQBOX reports credit repayments to the main credit bureaus and aims to help as many people as possible achieve their goals, most of which cost money. For many, their goals are unachievable because they have not had an opportunity to build a positive financial profile, they don’t have sufficient savings or they don’t understand how to make the financial system work for them.

David Lord, General Manager of comments, “For over 25 years, has empowered consumers to take control of their credit with monitoring tools and educational resources. This partnership with LOQBOX will help us to reach more people and give them additional support to master their credit score. We are very proud to be working with another like minded business to simplify the confusing world of credit”.