The Silicon Gorge Investment Pitching competition returns for the 2022 Spring Edition, and offers an opportunity for Tech & Creative companies based in the South West of England and South Wales who are looking for up to £3 million in equity funding. It will offer 12 of these companies the chance to pitch to a virtual room full of investors and enablers of investment on 12th May 2022. Any investors interested in attending the final event on 12th May should contact to join the invite list.

April featured our pitching competition which saw 24 companies pitch to our judges, in order for them to select the final 12 to go through to the Showcase. Alongside this year’s competition we’re publishing profiles of a few of the companies – up next is, Lloyd Skinner, CEO & Founder of

1. What does your company do?

We deliver project intelligence to save our customers £ billions.

2. What problem are you trying to solve?

For every £1bn invested in projects, UK companies waste £128m [PMI]. 80% of projects fail to wholly deliver to time, cost or realise the benefits [APM].

Project management processes generally do not work well.  Lessons from previous projects are not always learned and project data is largely untapped.  Projects are increasingly complex and have ineffective planning.

3. What makes your solution unique?

We have built an Intelligent Project Prediction platform, which enables companies to transform Project Management processes using AI.

We use advanced analytics and machine learning to predict project outcomes to enable better risk focus and improved decision-making.  By reducing project failure, we can achieve up to 30% savings on project over-spends.

Key Features:

  • Efficiently produces predictions with high confidence levels.
  • Rapidly provides the reasons why projects are likely to be late.
  • Identifies trends across a portfolio.
  • Drives project data maturity.
  • Supports transformation to increases project maturity.
  • Underpinned by innovative AI technology.
4. What are you most proud of so far?

Contracting with DHL for the build of a pilot system.

5. How much are you raising and what do you want to use investment for?

£250,000 for working capital to primarily support the extension of platform to integrate Explainable AI.

6. What tools/people/services/organisations helped you most?
  • Execs from BBC, Civil Aviation Authority and Gleeds supported the build of the Proof of concept.
  • Exec from DHL supporting the pilot product.
  • APM / BCS / PMI for publishing our articles on AI in PM.
  • University of Southampton for Project Management and Machine Learning subject matter expertise.
  • Graham Brant for Non- Exec advice.
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