Emm, a UK-based biotech startup, is bringing a first-of-its-kind biowearable menstrual cup to market that has the potential to revolutionise female health research and outcomes.

Founded in 2020 by Jenny Button, Emm has already successfully secured more than $1m in pre-seed funding as well as a partnership with the University of Cambridge and is officially a Google For Startups alumnus. Big things are set to come as the waitlist for consumers is now open as the product enters the next phase of Beta testing.

“Emm’s sensing platform is real innovation, with game-changing possibilities for health research”

Jenny tells us with the launch of Emm they’re looking to solve two problems: “The lack of personalised data and insights when it comes to female health and the lack of innovation when it comes to menstrual products.”

We’ve seen huge innovations in wearable technology over the last decade. As this became mainstream, Jenny says she spotted a huge opportunity to bring this trend into the reproductive health market, giving menstruating women the chance to get detailed insights into a broader picture of individual health and wellbeing.

 On top of this, Emm comes with a compact carry case, a cleaner that allows you to sterilise the cup on the go, and an applicator that closely resembles a tampon, all of which makes the process of using this cup much easier. 

A new kind of menstrual cup 

Emm uses sensing technology within a patent-pending, uniquely-engineered device for use during the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cup is able to monitor and analyse specific biometrics related to female health, empowering and informing the user through unique health insights and data. 

The data Emm captures – automatically syncing with its proprietary smartphone app – will provide a clear, accurate, record of any reproductive health irregularities or issues people may experience. This information will prove crucial in providing a comprehensive and data-led medical history, improving the path to diagnosis and treatment. 

It’s what the future holds that has led Emm to capture the interest of the University of Cambridge, Google, and the UK Government’s Innovate UK. Professor George Malliaras, Prince Philip Professor of Technology at the University of Cambridge, explains: “Emm’s sensing platform is real innovation, with game-changing possibilities for health research.

“While the first generation of Emm will have huge value to its users and time-pressed medical professionals, it’s the possibilities Emm opens up in the future that can revolutionise health research and help to close the gender health gap.”

Speaking on the ambitions of the startup, Jenny tells us, “There is so much as-yet-untapped information we can get from monitoring and analysing menstrual fluid using our smart sensor technology. Emm has the potential to radically change the way health research is conducted, and ultimately to change health outcomes for the better, revolutionising a consumer goods market that is currently worth $25bn and has been long overdue for cutting edge biotechnology and engineering development.

“Emm has the potential to revolutionise a consumer goods market that is currently worth $25bn and has been long overdue for cutting edge biotechnology and engineering development”

“For Emm to be a useful tool, however, it needed to deliver a seamless user experience. That’s why it was important we developed a best-in-class, user-centric menstrual product that gives consumers peace of mind, data and insight to feel informed about their health every step of the way.”

Jenny continues by underscoring that: “Emm aims to provide two things: high performance period protection and unique, actionable insights into female health. The data measured by Emm could prove crucial in helping those with health problems get their message to medical professionals, empowering them to receive appropriate medical treatment and diagnosis. And it’s not just users that Emm will benefit: the plan is that the anonymised data captured by Emm will support wider research into female health. That’s why our ultimate ambition with Emm is to tackle the current gender health gap.”

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