Born out of the Israeli Electric Company (IEC), Cybergym specialises in simulating real-life cyber-attacks among critical infrastructure cyber teams to enhance their skills and readiness. 

The core of Cybergym’s approach lies in the creation of physical simulation rooms where clients’ cyber teams, commonly known as the Blue team, can practice defending against attacks launched by Cybergym’s white-hat hackers, referred to as the Red team.

By engaging in these simulated attacks, the Blue team can develop and refine their risk assessment, decision-making, and team collaboration practices in a safe and controlled environment.

Global expansion

Cybergym’s commitment to providing effective training has led to the establishment of simulation rooms in eight countries across the globe.

These locations include the United States, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, and their home country of Israel.

The expansion into multiple countries reflects Cybergym’s recognition of the global nature of cyber threats and the need for organisations worldwide to bolster their cybersecurity capabilities.

With their sights set on further growth, Cybergym is actively seeking collaborations in the United Kingdom. They aim to form a Joint Venture with local cyber companies, with the goal of establishing a simulator in the UK that can support cyber teams from across the nation.

By partnering with local experts, Cybergym aims to tap into the vast pool of talent and expertise in the UK’s cybersecurity industry, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that strengthens cybersecurity practices both domestically and internationally. Cybergym’s ambition to establish a presence in the UK aligns with the growing recognition of cybersecurity as a national priority.

As the UK seeks to fortify its critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks, the collaboration with Cybergym would provide a unique opportunity to leverage its expertise and advanced simulation technology. By having a dedicated simulation room on UK soil, cyber teams from various organisations across the nation can benefit from immersive and tailored training experiences.

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