Collaboration is the beating heart of a successful technology community. As an industry with such rapid change at its crux, building a supportive network is imperative. Exchanging ideas, developing skills and brushing up on knowledge all make us better at what we do, so the importance of creating spaces where this can flourish shouldn’t be underestimated.

Talent experts, iO Associates, champion this attitude towards connecting with one another. Through the team’s years of experience in recruiting for the tech, digital, engineering, government, and defence sectors, one thing remains clear: collaboration strengthens us all. 

“Creating spaces for the tech community to gather is invaluable because it encourages collaboration, sparks innovation, and nurtures a sense of belonging”

As part of their commitment to connecting top tech talent with the most innovative organisations in the region, the team established iO Meetups, a new platform to consolidate events happening across the country. Through iO Meetups, everyone in the tech and digital sector can access events most relevant to them – whether you’re starting your first role in the industry or you’re at the top of your game, there’s sure to be something for you.

You can check out the iO Meetups platform now, where you’ll find a variety of dynamic events designed exclusively for and in the realms of tech, digital and engineering. There are both in-person and online options available where you can develop your skills & knowledge, whilst networking with others in the industry. 

Carving space for connections 

“Creating spaces for the tech community to gather is invaluable because it encourages collaboration, sparks innovation, and nurtures a sense of belonging,” explains Chris Heffernan, Events Manager at iO Associates. “Tech thrives on diverse perspectives, and these spaces, such as iO Meetups, serve as hubs for knowledge-sharing. They’re where partnerships form, new solutions emerge, and where we collectively tackle the challenges of our rapidly evolving digital world. Ultimately, these gatherings drive.”

iO Associates has been coordinating meetups across the UK for several years, and the launch of iO Meetups is primarily to consolidate this work, making it easier for the community to access information in one place. Chris adds, “[We want to provide] the very best meetups for our community, bringing together our back-catalogue of on-demand content with the latest updates on all our upcoming events.”

But what kind of content can you expect? “Our strong relationship with the tech community guarantees that our events are tailored to tackle the latest challenges, trends, and opportunities within our industry,” underscores Chirs.

“Audiences can find details for all of our upcoming in-person and online Meetups across our different technology specialisms, including .NET, C++, Java, and Testing. Audiences can also browse our on-demand content. Whether you’re at the start of your tech career or are a seasoned developer, iO Meetups creates an environment where professionals can exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and build valuable connections.”

You can also get involved by sharing your expertise: “We are always looking to grow our network of speakers to ensure a wide spectrum of ideas and insights for attendees,” says Chris. “Speakers could be industry leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, or professionals who have made significant contributions.”

Check out iO Meetups today, browse through the content cataloge and sign up for upcoming events today.

Shona Wright

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