A low cost, super-fast no code system can do one thing every startup needs: make your money go much, much further. 

“We have a passion to bring more golfers back to the game,” said Alastair Sinclair, Founder of Play More Golf. “No Code CRM system Agilebase fueled our startup. It gave us an affordable, scalable platform. And it’s tailored to our vision.”

With a membership base of over 18,000 golfers, Play More Golf faced a dilemma. They needed a flexible system to manage their unique membership model which spans the UK’s golf clubs. But as a young startup, they desperately needed to avoid the time and cost of custom software development.

So, they turned to Agilebase’s No-code CRM system. Simply put, it enabled Play More Golf’s dev team to focus on their USP, rather than back office software. They were free to develop a Minimum Viable Product to validate the business model, meaning more resource could be focused into seeking investment on their own terms.

Accessing rapid proof of concept

Regardless of whether you are a spin out, equity-backed or bootstrapping, if you are an ambitious founder at some point, you’re likely to want to access outside finance.

In the current tight financial climate, funders have become far more cautious. That means founders need to build less risky propositions to secure investment. No Code can help in many ways. For example, as well as developing your back office, it can help you develop a minimum viable product, collect data as part of a back-end system, and significantly reduce your burn rate.

Afferent Medical Solutions, a bioelectronics medicine company from Cardiff developed a novel medical device that strapped to a patient’s arm. It applied electrical nerve stimulation to the ear that could treat high blood pressure.

Afferent discovered a specific programme of electrical signals delivered to sensory nerves supplying the outer ear improved cerebral blood flow. They saw an opportunity to use a no-code platform to help them rapidly develop a proof of concept. The device then sent data to Agilebase, which helped Afferent’s engineers to test and validate the science behind their concept.

Initial testing produced exciting results; the targeted nerve stimulation reduced blood pressure across patients with hypertension. It meant the device could help over one billion people globally – it can help anyone suffering from high blood pressure and its effects including stroke.

Having taken this approach, Afferent is now able to seek funding for their device. With positive proof of concept results, the company aims to make the technology accessible to patients worldwide.

Saving time and resource

Agilechilli, a product made by the Agilebase team, used No Code to build a minimum viable product. 

New product development and quality assurance are complex challenges for startup food companies. Bringing innovative products to market can be arduous and requires navigating strict regulations, consumer demands, and supply chain issues.  

Agilechilli wanted to help these food startups clear major hurdles to growth. It built an enterprise-grade system using the no-code Agilebase platform to rapidly develop a minimum viable product without intensive coding or high development costs. 

The Agilebase platform provided robust architecture. That meant the prototype could easily scale to production-ready software, enabling Agilechilli to create a polished solution without needing extra funding upfront.

For food startups, using no-code software results in 30% faster product development cycles. This speed and flexibility are valuable for young companies with limited funding, especially if they are seeking to scale new food innovations.

No code saves startups time and engineering resources. It significantly reduces their “burn rate” leaving them free to seek more investment on their terms. 

Thanks to Agilebase for providing this guest blog in conjunction with their sponsorship of Investment Month.

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