Diversity & Inclusion

Shira Tsinovich

Shira is passionate about quality assurance, performance engineering, software testing and diversity in tech. She is experienced in test, deployment, product ownership, professional services, advocating for customer needs, and management of onsite and offshore teams, strong analytical and problem solving.

Andy Thornton

Andy can talk about making workplaces, marketing and design more inclusive. He has experience speaking at conferences, guesting on podcasts and being part of a panel, covering topics from 'How to be a good LGBTQ+ Ally' to 'Content writing that is fast, easy and compelling'.

Alicia Teagle

Alicia is the Co-Founder of SR2 and Founder of Women Rock & Tech Volunteers. Alicia is passionate about Recruitment, B-borp, Tech 4 Good, Volunteering, Diversity, Founders and Women in Businesses.

Renee Jacobs

Passion for relationship building and creating inclusive, safe and welcoming spaces feeds into Renée's customer-focused work at Actual Experience and is the driving force behind the social enterprise she founded: B in Bath. Renée is also a Non-Executive Director at TechSPARK.

Lyssa-Fêe Crump

GIF obsessed marketing badass who loves helping brands grow, Lyssa-Fêe wants you all to say no to vanilla! Founder of Kraken Marketing, a marketing agency that works with companies around the globe, she regularly speaks about Agile marketing, diversity in tech, and data-driven marketing.

Eriol Fox

Designer of 10+ years, Eriol works at Simply Secure on design, research, open-source and technology projects, and is also a PhD researcher at Newcastle University's Open Lab. Eriol is a non-binary, queer person who uses they/them pronouns.

Bobbi-Jo O'Gilvie

Bobbi is the Founder of Ready to Blog, a studio that specialises in branding, web design, and strategy for the passionate entrepreneur, and Circe, an app for women in business, and a Vision Coach who helps her clients scale to 7-figures through a compassion-based approach.