Rachel Dugdale

Almost 20 years hands-on experience in AI, machine learning & data science across multiple sectors. Specialising in sociotechnical & systems impacts, ethics & bias in tech, and increasing diversity & inclusion. TEDx and conference plenary experience.

Nicola Hogg

Nicola is a full stack developer with experience in PHP, React, Remix, SCSS, Wordpress and Woocommerce, who is enthusiastic to speak about web development, accessibility in coding or game development.

Phurita Letheren

How UX discovery work can help you validate your business ideas. I want to share the reasons why UX discovery can help people/ companies that have ideas but unsure if there will be a market or a need for it.

Sally Short

Sally is a digital trainer currently working on the legal sector. Developing and delivering training courses for all types of software/hardware, as well as developing a learning management system and creating just-in-time resources.

Glyn Blaize

Glyn Blaize is a Tech Entrepreneur and COO of a tech scale-up Amdaris. He has held an impressive number of director roles over his career, including Commercial Director, Sales Director, and Operations Director at growing SMEs and Managing Director at Addocura.