Dulcie Jackson

I'm Innovation Lead at Gravitywell, Bristol's Venture Studio. I co-ordinate our internal R&D activities, and recently launched the Gravitywell Incubator program. Alongside that, I'm a hands-on engineer, building new tech start-ups and supporting founders through ideation, discovery, prototyping, launch and innovation.

Mikaela Jones

As an Operations Manager, I'm involved in developing innovative strategies that drive business growth and enhance operational efficiency. With a unique blend of expertise in marketing, HR, and copywriting, I'm dedicated to crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences and elevate brand presence.

Monica Shupikai Simmons

Monica Shupikai Simmons is an investment banker at ICON Corporate Finance. With 20+ years of experience, Monica has an MBA from the University of Oxford, and a bachelor’s from the University of Cape Town. Women in finance are rare. Black women in finance are…. unicorns!

Sara Hamilton

Head of Product & Tech for The Bunch - a scale-up utlility bill aggregator. I've worked in tech for the last 10 years and have participated in events and groups passionate about getting and retaining Women & non-binary people in tech.

Rachel Dugdale

Almost 20 years hands-on experience in AI, machine learning & data science across multiple sectors. Specialising in sociotechnical & systems impacts, ethics & bias in tech, and increasing diversity & inclusion. TEDx and conference plenary experience.

Sophie Creese

Sophie is the Founder of MotherBoard and Co-Founder of HeyFlow. Sophie is actioning positive change for women in the workplace by supporting businesses to create inclusive workplaces through HeyFlow and the MotherBoard Charter. Sophie is an experienced event-host, panel speaker and podcast guest and is passionate about creating tangible change for women in the workplace.

Julia Kemp

Julia is a Head of Growth at IOV Labs, the foundation behind the layer 2 blockchain Rootstock. She has nearly ten years of marketing experience working as a consultant to high-growth startups, in both B2B and B2C.

Caroline Clark

Varied experience across science, engineering, innovation and startups. PhD Engineering, ultrasonic signal processing. Academia, research commercialisation, innovation. Startup operations and finance, founder journey, people and team development.

Jenny Bailey

A former academic who set up Ferryx in 2019. I am passionate about the impact of the gut microbiome on both gut health and health of the body as a whole. Areas of interest are drug discovery and food supplement development.

Emma Millington

Emma is a female agency owner who sees things differently. Driven by hearts and minds, rather than tech outputs, Emma's compass works differently. In here talks she explores digital projects through a clients' eye, breaking structures in digital and emotionally driven design philosophies.