pint of scienceUPDATED: With more event information.

An international science festival, Pint of Science, is coming to Bath and Bristol this May for the first time. The three-day festival (19-21 May) brings top scientists to the cities to share their latest research in a local pub setting.

The festival will host talks at 44 venues in eight cities in the UK as well as many more in the US, Australia, France and Ireland.

Tickets are £2.20 per talk and there is a full list of the Bath-based talks on the University of Bath’s website. You can check out the Pint of Science dedicated page for a list of the Bristol-based events. You can also follow the event on Twitter.

Here are TechSPARK’s top picks across the three days:

Monday 19 May

  • Physical Sciences and Health (7pm, St James’ Wine Vaults, St James’ Square, Bath)
    Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo on biofuel cells
    Dr Toby Jenkins on advanced wound dressings
  • Networks of Neurons and Making Memories (7pm, The Bell Inn, Walcot Street, Bath)
    Professor Roland Jones will be discussing the role of brain rhythms in speech and memory, and discuss how rhythms go badly wrong in diseases like epilepsy.
    Dr Chris Bailey will focus on memories and treating disorders such as post traumatic stress and addiction.
  • Are you looking at me? (7pm, The Big Chill, 15 Small Street, Bristol)
    Professor Marcus Munafo on emotion recognition in a social world while Dr Emma Robinson lets us know what animals can tell us about addiction.
  • Touching and feeling the nanoworld (7pm, Channings Hotel, 20 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol)
    Professor Mervyn Miles & Dr Robert Harniman on interacting with the nanoworld through touch.

Tuesday 20 May

  • Physical Sciences and Energy (7pm, St James’ Wine Vaults, St James’ Square, Bath)
    Dr Simon Le Blond on artificial intelligence in power systems
    Professor Alison Walker on sustainable solar energy
  • Clean Technology and Renewable Energy (7pm, The Assembly Inn, Alfred Street, Bath)
    Professor Saiful Islam on clean energy materials
    Dr Valeska Ting on hydrogen storage and sustainable energy
  • The Unconscious Mind (7pm, The Bell Inn, Walcot Street, Bath)
    Professor Paul Salkovskis, Dr Lia Emanuel and Dr Ian Walker will focus on how the unconscious mind takes control of and can impact physical behaviour. Ranging from your automatic choice about your commute to work, mimicking mannerisms to the devastating effects of OCD and anxiety disorders.
  • Remember Remember (7pm, The Big Chill, 15 Small Street, Bristol
    Dr Obaro Evuarherhe on how to make memories last using synaptic tagging and memory enhancement.
    Professor Chris Jarrold on working out how memory works.
  • Energy, Materials and the Electrochemist Dream (7pm, Channings Hotel, 20 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol)
    Professor David Fermin and David Parker discuss developing solutions for harvesting, transforming and storing the most abundant energy source available to humankind! solar energy

Wednesday 21 May

  • Physical Sciences and Your Everyday Life (7pm, St James’ Wine Vaults, St James’ Square, Bath)
    Professor Chick Wilson on designing smart materials (and colour changing cars!)
    Dr Chris Bannister on bio-diesel and the fuel economy
  • Are friends electric? (7pm, The Bell Inn, Walcot Street, Bath)
    We are increasingly living our lives online, to what extent does this overlap with our real lives? Dr Mark Brosnan and Prof Danae Stanton Fraser will be questioning the relationship between the virtual and the real world. Considering topics such as how can virtual worlds support
  • Death: a pain in the neck. How can technology help? (7pm, The Curfew, Cleveland Place, Bath)
    Technology is pervasive in fixing the body and in breaking it down. When we are in pain technology can help mend us Dr Tim Holsgrove will be discussing innovative spinal treatments. Technology can also help when our body finally fails us, Dr John Troyer will discuss ‘green’ body disposal and the future of these technologies.
  • The Future of Renewable Energy (7pm, Channings Hotel, 20 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol)
    Professor Paul Weaver talks about morphing cars, planes and wind turbines using composite materials.

David Maher Roberts