bath-studio-schoolThe recently opened Bath Studio School is a state academy that offers ‘Real life, real work, real education’ to 14 to 19-year-olds.

Students learn in the real world through working in teams on projects designed to reflect genuine work situations, and through weekly work placements with businesses to develop the employability skills needed to succeed in life and work.

As such the Bath Studio School is currently looking for student placements in the South West within game and app development companies (and many other disciplines such as media, journalism, broadcasting, business and IT).

If you think you have an opportunity for one of their students in your company, they are keen for you to get in touch.

“I want the Bath Studio School to be a school which transforms lives”


As Principal Colin Cattanach explains about the school: “I want the Bath Studio School to be a school which transforms lives; a school where every student feels great pride to be part of the Studio School community; a school which captures the imagination of young people and provides them with the greatest range of choices once they leave.”

If you are interested in offering a student a placement or want to find out more get in contact with Bath Studio School. You can follow the Bath Studio School on Twitter too.