WYLDE_competiton_happiest-workplaceBristol-based workplace designers Wylde IA are searching for the company in Bristol and Bath that goes the extra mile for their employees to present them with the ‘Happiest Workplace 2015’ award.

The competition is open to office workers, commercial or public sector, including services, finance, education and technology.

The winner will win a “workplace makeover” – a collection of cool items that will look great and make them even happier – as well as the prestige of winning a glass plaque proclaiming to one and all that the employees in this company all have big smiles on their faces!

What make a happy workplace?

Wylde IA’s blog explains that examples of great workplaces might include:

  • Great interiors and furniture
  • Allowing you to work in a variety of work settings: home, cafes, breakout spaces, desks
  • Trusting you to do a good day’s work
  • Clear communication throughout the organisation – top to bottom
  • Energised managers who make a difference to the wellbeing of the office


 “The Bristol and Bath region is such a great place to work, it will be a challenge to find the happiest workplace”


George Ferguson the Mayor of Bristol, and one of the judges, said of the competition: “The Bristol and Bath region is such a great place to work, it will be a challenge to find the happiest workplace – I’m sure there are many potential winners.

“It has long been known that there is a direct correlation between happiness in the workplace and productivity. I hope this competition will open up the eyes of employers and our local, talented workforce to the great variety and quality of workplaces in our region.

Who decides?

The judges are:

You can nominate your workplace for the Happiest Workplace 2015 award right now. All you have to do is rate your workplace and then explain in no more than 200 words why you think your workplace should win. Good luck!

You can see more at the Wild IA website.  The competition is open now and entries must be made by 28 February 2015. You can see more from the company on Wild IA’s Twitter feed.