Bristol has a lot to show for its status as the European Green Capital 2015 and a newly published Greentech brochure is celebrating just that.

green-tech-brochure-screenshotThe brochure’s focus is on the most innovative and exciting technology that is being designed to change our world for good. This is tech that is supporting greener, cleaner cities across the UK and reducing our society’s impact on the environment.

Produced by TechSPARK on behalf of Bristol2015 and first distributed at Venturefest, one of the biggest celebrations of enterprise and innovation, just last week – where many of its first readers were able to experience some of the ground-breaking technology featured in the brochure for themselves.

We’re talking driverless cars, battery operated eco-planes, poo-powered transport and a whole host of apps, games and devices that will help us to be more educated whilst also generating, storing and using less energy and resources.

Talking tech for good

Covering 26 companies over an array of sectors from Digital and Creative to High-Tech and Engineering, the brochure captures organisations and companies both big and small.

 “I wanted to show how important this fast growing sector is to the region’s economy and sustainability”


From global aerospace company Airbus who have a major site in Filton, and Skanska who are one of the world’s leading construction groups, to local energy cooperative Bath & West Community Energy and Crocodile who were the winners of the Bristol2015 Green Capital Digital Challenge, for their app which aims to encourage more children to walk to school.


Greentech in the flesh: The first readers of the Greentech brochure at Venturefest were treated to demos and models of the featured tech, including a model of Airbus’s E-fan and Wessex Water’s poo-powered Bio-Bug

Entrepreneur and Investor, Sonny Masero, who worked with Bristol2015 to commission the brochure explains: “There are many technology companies in the Bristol region who are producing green technology. However, the significance of this cluster is overlooked because these companies primarily associate themselves with the region’s existing clusters such as advanced engineering, digital & creative and high tech.”

“We’ve surprised a few people with the brochure because we have been able to shine a light on so much activity”


Sonny adds: “I wanted to show how important this fast growing sector is to the region’s economy and sustainability. We’ve surprised a few people with the brochure and with Venturefest because we have been able to shine a light on so much existing activity.”

Growth in green tech

As well as spreading the word about some of the great innovations in the region, it’s hoped that the brochure can be used to encourage further investment and talent into the South West to continue the growth in green technology.

And, beyond Venturefest, the brochure has already created a stir. Sonny tells us: “Since publication, one housing company in the region has already reached out to three of the companies in the brochure to talk to them about being new suppliers.”

“Making these commercial connections for businesses in the city region was exactly the intent of the brochure so that the Greentech cluster would continue to grow and create new jobs and economic opportunities.”

Find out more by having read of the Green Tech 2015 brochure and check out the activity on Twitter by following the hashtag: #greentech2015. You can also stay up-to-date with Bristol2015 by following them on Twitter at: @Bristol_2015.

Alice Whale