The Bristol and Bath region is known for its huge tech firms and buzzing startup scene, offering great graduate projects, but in the spotlight at this time of year are the young minds coming up with big ideas which may well shape our future

At the University of the West of England (UWE) students, staff and special guests were invited to the Environment and Technology degree show last month, which shone a light on the inspiring and innovative ideas and products produced by its newly graduated students.

Across the faculties of Architecture & the Built Environment, Computer Science & Creative Technologies, Engineering Design & Mathematics and Geography & Environmental Management, projects ranged from intelligent landscaping and building designs to games, animations and intelligent products designed to help all aspects of our everyday lives.

The next big thing in tech

Amongst the talented UWE graduates were the founders of Omnidynamics and creators of Strooder, which converts inexpensive plastic pellets into the two most commonly used filaments – or ‘inks’ – for 3D printers.


The Strooder: Along with some of the colourful 3D objects printed with strooder ‘ink’

Having kicked off their project at the start of their UWE studies two years ago, they’re now aiming to revolutionise the 3D printing industry by making it cheaper and more accessible to the masses.

Also featured at the event was graduate-driven games company PlayWest who’d collaborated with students at UWE to create a virtual reality tour of the university campus itself.

In addition to this, PlayWest were represented by their Kachiku 64 player multiplayer game and their Bloodhound game – which students were also able to use to help with developments on the actual Bloodhound car itself.

Why not see it for yourself? The show has its very own Tumblr page representing many of the student’s work. Check out the Environment & Technology Degree Show Tumblr. You can also view many more photos from the event itself via UWE’s Flickr profile.

If you’ve seen something exciting that was at the show and would like to get in touch with a graduate regarding a placement or recruitment then please email Tilly Line at:

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