Visitors to this weekend’s WOMAD festival (the long­-running World Music festival co-founded by Peter Gabriel) benefitted from some impressive location-aware tech from Bath startups Lifejak and Blispa.

“Technology can enhance and transform a festival into a year-round experience both for attendees and remote audiences”


By downloading an app festival-goers could use it and iBeacon tech, to find their way around, get info on who was playing and where (compared to their position) and even provide them with a fun treasure hunt game for those quieter moments.

Bath-based Lifejak develops engaging playful technologies for industries and teamed up with Blispa, another Bath startup, which develops apps triggered by beacons including games, tours and guides.

A year of R&D

The money for the project came from the UK’s government agency InnovateUK and this is just the start of a year’s worth of conducting research with suppliers, festival-goers and performers to get the best out of the possibilities the tech offers.


Womad 2015 Android app: The app lets you check out who
is playing when and where, the site map shows you around
and you can play the World of WOMAD treasure hunt

“Technology can enhance and transform a festival into a year-round experience both for attendees and remote audiences,” said Jamie Ridyard, CEO of Lifejak. “Not only as a forum for music and dance, but also for social discovery, inter-generational inclusion, and regional economic improvement.”

iBeacon powered

tom and blispa beaconsTo provide the effect, Blispa’s iBeacons (modelled expertly on the right by Blispa’s developer Tom Fletcher) were placed around the festival site and triggered by proximity to your phone. If your phone has the app installed, the iBeacon will trigger content to appear on the phone allowing you to find places, things and play games.

You can find out more about Blispa and Lifejak by following them on their respective twitter account @blispauk and@LifeJak. You can see the app here: Android

Image credit: Photo courtesy of Tatjana Humphries.

Jamie Middleton