Thousands of new American users have signed up to Bath-based Natter, the three word social network, after a post went viral on tumblr. The post by tumblr user starryflan quickly amassed over 8,000 engagements causing a surge of over 5,000 new users to natter in just 8 hours.

“Within a single day over 100,000 natters were posted”


If you don’t already know, natter is a Twitter-like social network, but one where you need to be very creative indeed as you have to encapsulate everything you want to convey in just three words.

natter goes nuts

Alex-marshall-natterAlex Marshall, Head of Marketing at Natter (pictured right), commented “The sheer volume of content that these new users are posting is incredible. Within a single day over 100,000 natters were posted, more than we’ve ever seen in a whole month!”

Alex adds, “We’re getting emails every day telling us how much natter means to them. They’ve created natter family portraits, invented a card game and even written a natter song!”

Everyone loves natter

And there’s a lot more praise for the network out there too. Natter user @pundertale said “I’ve never felt so loved in my life. I’ve made more friends in the three days I’ve been here than the four years I’ve been on tumblr.”

“I’ve never actually been part of such an extremely positive, loving, and trusting community”


Natter user @TobyFox said “I’ve never actually been part of such an extremely positive, loving, and trusting community until I joined Natter.”

Want to know what all the fuss is about? You can download Natter as an iOS app or Android app, and follow Natter on Twitter to hear about the latest updates. You can find us on Natter too: @techspark. Why not pop by and have a (short!) conversation?

Jamie Middleton