One of the most sought after skills in business these days is the ability to speak a second language. No, not parle le Francais, but the ability to code. You just have to check out our jobs board to see the demand in the South West for programmers and developers.

If you are interested in a whole world of digital building-bricks, or want to be able to make software for yourself, or even if you are just nosey, learning more about code could be a great way to progress your career.

To help you in that quest, TalkIT provides an e-learning platform aimed at developers who want to extend their skills, and it goes out of its way to share its knowledge on its blog where possible. Whether you are already coding or looking to learn a new skill, here’s a collection of blogs from TalkIT about various aspects of programming:

Learn to Code – Create a Game

dungeon game
“By focusing on building the game, you learn the rules and grammar of the programming language as a by-product.” This blog will help you decide whether you think you’re up to building a game, and gives you an introductory walk-through.

What can programmers do for a living?

“There is a lot of demand for specialised programmers due to the digitalised era we are currently experiencing.”

5 Important Rules in Good Website Design

“Most visitors have many years experience of using the internet. They bring expectations based on this experience, to every new site they visit. A good design takes advantage of these facts.”

6 Coding Puzzles Teach You How to Read IF statements

This blog continues the series of C# coding brainteasers, which teach you how to read code without compiling it. This blog provides 6 puzzles on IF statements. The puzzles will help you learn practical programming skills.

Top 6 new features of C# 6.0

“The initial vision for the language was to keep the number of C#keywords small, but with each new addition keywords have been added.”

You can subscribe to TalkIT’s Youtube channel for free tutorials, including its latest one on how to create an app that displays a 3D rabbit. You can also keep up to date with future blogs by checking out its website, and by following TalkIT on Facebook and Twitter: @NowTalkIT

Natasha Baer