Bristol-based manufacturing company, Third Dimension is being featured in Manufacturing Change – a documentary that showcases the UK’s proud heritage as a centre of manufacturing excellence.

As part of the documentary, Third Dimension will show how it is using specialist precision measuring technology, called laser metrology to help manufacturers’ production lines become more efficient.

“Manufacturing Change showcases the capabilities of UK engineering”


Sara Martin, Third Dimension’s marketing manager, explains: “Manufacturing Change showcases the capabilities of UK engineering.

“Taking part in the documentary seemed like a rare opportunity for smaller UK manufacturers like ourselves, particularly in the metrology industry, to be recognised and involved in a documentary that focuses on the importance of the manufacturing industry and its success and challenges in the UK market.”

Laser metrology

As laser metrology specialists, Third Dimension is developing a handheld device named the ‘GapGun’, and the documentary showcases how this portable technology works in the renewable and carbon-free energy sector.

“We are pleased that the field of laser metrology is being recognised in such a high profile way”


Sara explains: “GapGun is a portable laser measurement system that manufacturers use to take fast, accurate and traceable measurements of features that include anything from gap to scratch depth.”

As well as enabling manufacturers to improve the efficiency and quality of their manufacturing processes, the GapGun displays measurement data in real time so that manufacturers can make better decisions, earlier in the process. This leads to a higher standard in manufactured parts, reduced waste, lower cost and greater overall efficiency.

Excited to share Third Dimension’s experiences demonstrating this technology, Sara tells us: “Our customer at CCFE kindly allowed us to film on site for the documentary using the GapGun for a very exciting, potentially world changing, fusion energy project we’re extremely proud to be making a contribution towards.”

“There is a wealth of expertise and a strong manufacturing community right on our doorstep”


third-dimension-gapgunSara adds: “We are pleased that the field of laser metrology is being recognised in such a high profile way in contribution to this kind of industrial documentary.

“Bristol has a strong and successful manufacturing heritage. Many of our biggest customers have a base in Bristol so there is a wealth of expertise and a strong manufacturing (particularly engineering) community right on our doorstep.”

Manufacturing Change is due to be broadcast on 11 September on Info TV (Sky channel 189). In the meantime, you can follow all that Third Dimension team are getting up to by following them on Twitter: @thegapgun.