Tech and innovation are moving faster than ever before and People for Research – Bristol-based experts in user recruitment for the user experience (UX) and market research sectors – is encouraging companies across the UK to think outside the box when it comes to user testing.

Through the campaign, ‘Make the Web Accessible’, the company is promoting user testing using disabled participants, concentrating more on how they use the web and the latest apps using assisted technology.

“We want people who use assistive technology to know they are not alone”


People for Research’s Founder and CEO, Paul Gooding tells us: “With an estimated 400 million disabled people browsing the web worldwide, it becomes increasingly important to test all websites and apps for full accessibility.

“Our company is now aiming to encourage all British companies and agencies to not only invite more people with disabilities when testing new digital products and services but also to kick-off the development of new products with disabled people in mind.”

As well as partnering with other local companies and charities such as the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Bristol Therapy Centre and accessible holiday company Seable, to further its knowledge and expand on the campaign, People for Research is encouraging more participants with disabilities to work with them and get involved in research and testing.

Paul adds: “We want people who use assistive technology to know they are not alone and that we understand how frustrating it can be to browse a website or use a digital product that is not fully accessible. However, we need their help to make the web more accessible.”

Making an impact

Make the web accessibleDespite only being halfway through the ‘Make the Web Accessible’ campaign, People for Research has doubled the number of disabled participants recruited in comparison to the same time last year.

And when it comes to technology companies, the results are just as impressive. Paul says: “We have already noticed a significant growth in the number of recruitment projects we receive from our clients requesting participants who use assistive technology.

“The most important thing for [participants] is to help improve a digital product for all other people with disabilities”


“Also, we feel like we understand a lot better the motivations of people who use assistive technology and take part in paid research. Although the financial incentive is a good motivational factor, the most important thing for them is to help improve a digital product for all other people with disabilities.”

The ‘Make The Web Accessible’ campaign will end in early December when People for Research plan to share the results and the feedback from partners and participants.

Before that happens, they are planning to run a campaign with a charity on social media in September and will be supporting MS Bristol Therapy Centre’s ‘Players Sprint Triathlon’ in October.

If you’d like to find out more about the ‘Make the Web Accessible’ campaign, check out People for Research’s blog or follow them on Twitter: @people4research.

People for Research is also looking for more partners to support and spread the word about the campaign. Anyone who would like to join can email or call 0117 921 0008 to find out how to do it.

Image Credit: People For Research/ iStock