Interested in designing, coding or marketing for VR? Then get down to the next Design / Build / Market (DBM) event at Bristol’s Engine Shed!

Following the success of the first DBM event on crowdfunding last October, CookiesHQ is planning a series of exciting events for 2017, starting with one on virtual reality.

DBM is a series of mini-conferences, that aims to bring designers, developers and marketers together to discuss trends, tools and share knowledge. Each event follows the same simple rules: 3 exciting talks by leaders in their field, a limited number of attendees to allow the audience to engage with the speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities.

The talks will cover all 3 aspects of a single theme, as implied by the name of the event: design, development and marketing.


Crowdfunding: attendees networking at DBM’s
launch meetup on crowdfunding last October


Virtual Reality being such a hot topic at the moment, especially in Bristol where the next VR World Congress will take place in just a couple of months, they have decided to focus on this topic for their next event, in February.

They have 3 excellent talks lined up:

  • Jack Norris, Director, and Chris Price, Senior Designer at Zubr VR will share their experience of directing immersive content and talk to us about the challenges of being a graphic designer for an unestablished medium.
  • Scott Fletcher, Director at Play Nicely, will give his perspective on the reality behind consistently delivering cutting-edge digital experiences for the public and home market, in particular the team skills that are required and why VR is going to succeed where AR did not.
  • Dan Page, Marketing Manager at Opposable VR, will talk about brands using VR as a marketing tool and discuss future trends.

They also have a fantastic sponsor for the night, Chillblast, who have offered to bring 2 HTC Vive kits to give all the attendees a chance to experience awesome VR demos.

The event takes place on Thursday 23 February at the Engine Shed. Places are limited, so grab your ticket now!

Alice Whale