Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Bristol-based startup VRGO is taking things up a notch today by releasing a limited edition black version of its remote controller that allows for locomotion movement in virtual worlds.

“We’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting the perfect shape for active seated locomotion”


The weeble-inspired interactive chair is the first of its kind in the world. It works by allowing its users to tilt in the direction they want to travel, making movements in virtual reality (VR) more intuitive and reducing motion sickness.

And in true Black Friday spirit, the startup is offering a tempting 15% discount on this clever and compact gamepad chair via the VRGO chair website.

See the VRGO in action by watching the video below:


The VRGO connects over Bluetooth to become a highly accurate gamepad for all head-mounted displays (HMDs) on both PC and mobile phone VR devices. Once connected it translates both turning and tilting as an analogue input, meaning that the further you tilt the faster you move within the VR experience. Being hands-free it liberates the user’s hands for existing hand controllers and other experimental VR accessories such as weapons in games or tools for training.

It’s already had great feedback from the gaming world with one user exclaiming: “Got to try the VRGO chair – no nausea in 1st person, so good!”

Joe Ryan VRGO’s Founder (pictured right) says: “Design is key to everything we do. We’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting the perfect shape for active seated locomotion and electronics that seamlessly connect to all the current HMDs.”

As well as being a great addition to your VR kit, it’s practical too, weighing just 4kg and having its own internal slot to house your headsets and headphones.

You can find out more about the VRGO controller on the VRGO website and catch all the latest deals by following them on Twitter here: @vrgochair.

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Alice Whale