VR Star opened in Cabot Circus shopping centre in December 2017. Originally planned as a testing ground for Immotion Group, the UK based “Out of Home” entertainment business, the VR Experience Centre has proved hugely popular. Responding to this, and the increasing demand for arcade in Virtual Reality, the company has since expanded the offering to numerous locations across the UK. In order to bring it in line with the growing brand, VR Star has recently been given a fresh new look and been renamed ImmotionVR.

ImmotionVR Bristol has an experienced team of guides, a large range of experiences and unique VR machines. As part of the Immotion Group, Immotion VR enjoys exclusive first party content from their award winning in house studios, and bespoke VR machines including miniguns, bikes and the latest Vive Pros.


Ever wanted to race a motorbike through a sci-fi world, lights blaring, music thudding as you whizz past your teammates? Or how about entering a combat arena, machine gun in hand, your real-world movements tracked with high-tech sensors and reproduced in the virtual battlefield?

“Shoppers in Bristol can escape the crowds and enjoy a whole new world”


These are just two of the incredible VR experiences available at VR Star in Bristol – the brand new VR gaming arcade and the biggest of its kind in the UK.

Check out the video below for a sneak peak inside:


The arcade, which is centrally located in Bristol’s Cabot Circus shopping centre, is home to dozens of VR machines from motorbikes and racing cars, to rollercoasters and Gatling machine guns.

The brainchild of Rod Findley and Ian Liddel of Manchester-based immersive content producers Immotion, VR Star was created out of a passion for truely immersive ‘out-of-home’ VR content and experiences.

A virtual spin: Dan Page, creative director of Bristol’s VR World Congress,
takes the VR Star racing car for a test drive


Fueled by the support of Bristol’s VR scene, which has been coined the European capital for VR, it was decided the city was the perfect location to set up the flagship centre.

Arek Antoniak, Operations Manager of VR Star, says: “The launch of our first centre in Bristol is hugely exciting. If you have only ever experienced VR at home or a quick demo in a shop, then you are going to be blown away by our platforms. They engage all your senses to create something that is genuinely immersive and thrilling.

“The good news is we will be open in time for the height of the Christmas shopping season. Shoppers in Bristol can escape the crowds and enjoy a whole new world!”

However, the launch of VR Star is just the start, the Immotion team has plans to fit out the arcade machines with its very own content – so experiences had at VR Star will totally unique. And with even more exciting updates and upgrades in the pipeline, even the most seasoned VR fans could be tempted into this new wave of arcade.

To find out more and book yourself a session at VR Star, check out the VR Star website or follow them on Twitter here: @VRStaruk.

Alice Whale