The Bristol VR Lab opened it’s doors this April; since then the shared workspace has hosted a number of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented reality events to bring Bristol’s VR community into the limelight. The latest of these is the upcoming VR the News hackathon on 24-26 August.

As technology changes the way we consume the news and media in general, the VR Lab team are opening up their space to see what immersive tech could bring to the future of reporting current affairs. Supported by sponsors Rocketmakers, they’re looking for original AR|VR|MR projects that might have a witty twist on current events or rethink the way in which the news is presented.

Stefan Bolesnikov from the VR Lab said “Current events are something that everybody keeps an eye on. It is a topic that everyone can have a conversation about. The news can bring a diverse group of people from different industries, interests and opinions together to produce a meaningful conversation.

We want to encourage people to express their views on the news in a new and fun way, not just talk about it. Immersive reality tech is the best platform to enable this. That is why the Bristol VR Lab is organizing this event. We have the space, equipment and contacts necessary to bring together a vibrant mix of talented individuals who will, as a team, create something truly incredible and in and of itself newsworthy!”

The event isn’t just open to developers and engineers familiar with VR. Applications are welcome from designers, artists, journalists and other creatives with the ambition to create teams from different disciplines that want to deepen their understanding of immersive tech; while using their own backgrounds to inform and create new ideas.

VR Impressario at the VR Lab, Dan Page said “I’m looking forward to seeing where the work goes at this event; whether it’s a new way to present the news, a take on mixed reality effects for broadcast or a fresh take on the bizarreness of the world right now, I’m sure we’ll see some awesome output. There’s enough freedom with both the choice of equipment to use and the topic itself; I’m hoping to see some comedic efforts but I’d also like to see some innovative approaches to presenting current affairs, especially as I’m something of a news fiend!”

Applications close today, Friday 16 August, Register your interest here.