Kerning the Gap, a network promoting gender equality in the design industry, is launching new regional chapters across the UK. This expansion will enable non-Londoners to get involved with activities and events that empower women and inspire change in their local area.

Kerning the Gap has already launched in the South West, kicking-off with an event in Bristol last month, thanks to innovation and product development consultancy  Kinneir Dufort.

Kerning the Gap’s next home will be the North West- driven by design and architectural agency  Uniform– with a launch event in Liverpool on 15th November. Each new chapter will host events across their region in addition to a local mentorship scheme, which has been extremely popular in London.

Kerning the Gap was founded by Nat Maher, CEO, Pollitt & Partners, in 2015 to help support female talent in the design industry and encourage more women to reach leadership positions. Operating from London for the past three years, the group has brought both women and men together to tackle the gender gap through a variety of activity including panel events, podcasts and mentoring.

Nat Maher said: “Kerning the Gap is here to support all women in the industry- so being London-centric won’t cut it. The gender gap exists outside of our capital, so it’s only natural that Kerning the Gap does too.”

“Our launch into the South West and North West is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Through our network of determined women from a range of sectors, roles, disciplines and locations we will create change that allows women to grow, encourage one and other on their journey, and provide inspiration to the next generation of leaders.”