Somerset-based full-fibre infrastructure provider and ISP Truespeed has announced plans to extend its award-winning ultrafast full fibre network into Wells city centre and surrounding areas. This will bring Gigabit-capable, full-fibre connectivity to Wells for the first time, signalling an end to households and businesses having to make do with frustratingly slow, unreliable broadband.

Truespeed’s targeted area covers approximately 6,000 residential properties and 1,000 registered businesses. Its service will place this historic area at the forefront of connectivity by improving home environments and allowing businesses to compete far more effectively than before.

The narrow roads and historic buildings in the medieval city of Wells make it a challenging location for a full-fibre rollout, which is why other broadband providers have ignored the city. Fortunately, Truespeed’s flexible deployment methods, tried and tested in hard to reach rural communities, are designed to overcome these hurdles. The firm typically connects its fibre cables to existing ducting and poles used for telephone and power lines, minimising disruption to local residents and businesses, and meeting the council’s requirement to protect the city’s heritage.

Truespeed customers benefit from their own dedicated fibre line meaning no more buffering, service drop-outs or slow speeds at busy times. Truespeed’s network currently provides a guaranteed 200Mbps to all residential customers and 1Gbps to businesses, with the promise of 10Gbps for any business that needs it.

Truespeed officially kicked off its Wells marketing activities in October. A proud sponsor of the Wells Food Festival, the firm is running a number of local community events and Q&A sessions for local residents and businesses to find out more. For example, there will be weekly drop-in sessions at the town hall on market days until 11th December, with more planned for the new year.

Robert Powell, Chairman of Wells Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, said: “Wells will benefit enormously from Truespeed’s full fibre offering. Connectivity here is currently very poor, which is having a detrimental impact on local business. We have lots of sole traders and homeworkers who urgently need fast, reliable connectivity. Being a gigabit city will encourage business growth and also help to attract new employers to the area.”

Truespeed CEO Evan Wienburg said: “We are focused on bringing hard-to-connect parts of the South West into the digital fast lane – and that includes heritage cities like Wells. Our full-fibre service is unique, and unlike other providers we guarantee speeds, allowing communities to enjoy hassle-free connectivity at all times. People are important to us and working with them in their communities is at the core of how we operate. Making Wells a gigabit city is exciting and will transform the lives of thousands of people living and working in the area for generations to come.”