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What’s important when it comes to choosing a place to work? Salary, obviously, hours – sure. But what’s meaningful to you beyond the obvious? Flexitime, varied projects, free cake, we want to know what attracts you to an employer in the first place, and then – what makes you want to stay?

That’s why TechSPARK has joined with ADLIB and Business West to launch the South West talent, skills, engagement & retention survey.

We want to identify not just the hard data that goes along with employment – the facts and figures – but more qualitative information. How do you feel about the culture within your organisation, is it diverse, or inclusive, what appeals to you in a working environment and why would you choose to stay at or leave a company.

The survey focuses on three key areas of employment within the tech and digital industry:

  • Those working in tech teams at pure tech companies
  • Those working in internal tech/IT
  • Those working in pure tech companies in a non-tech role

We hope that this will identify some key differences in how companies approach recruitment and retention in these areas, providing key insight into today’s permanent and contract Technology employment market, the outlook amongst pure tech businesses, gather some meaningful stats around Diversity and Inclusion all the way to capturing and sharing why talent is attracted to the region (amongst much more).

We want you to help us shape how employers treat tech professionals in the region:

Take the Survey






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Survey Partners

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Geraint Evans