Imagine scanning a QR code on the back of a sandwich you’ve just purchased and being able to see the origins of every ingredient, down to the individual cow, field or lake.

Mezze helps food manufacturing businesses save money through automation and is starting to use big data and Artificial Intelligence to help customers make better purchasing decisions and reduce wastage.

It may surprise you to learn that the Food to Go industry (think: sandwiches, wraps, salads) still predominantly uses telephone and fax (remember those?) to take orders from B2B customers (cafe chains, garage forecourts, etc.).

Until now, the FtG industry has been held back, forced to run labour-intensive manual processes for taking daily orders and inputting them into archaic (‘green screen’!) backend software systems. It has therefore missed out on the huge efficiency and customer satisfaction gains that most other industries have benefited from, over the last 20 years.

The Bristol-based startup has solved the key problems that have prevented the industry from fully embracing modern technology, particularly within the area of ordering and customer service. In doing so, it’s ushering in Digital Transformation for manufacturers but thanks to the incredible data being collected, it’s also building towards solving industry problems like wastage and supply chain traceability using blockchain technology.

It’s understandable that some manufacturers might feel intimidated by the brave new world of Industry 4.0. Being a SaaS product, however, means that Mezze is not a big investment for manufacturers; in a similar vein to Slack, Mailchimp or DropBox. Super accessible.

Mezze launched in November of last year and already has some of food manufacturing’s big names using the platform, including Samworth Brothers and The Real Wrap Co.

The team behind Mezze is Gravitywell. They help tech startups blossom and achieve their goals — except this time, we made our own! Thanks so much to the team at Gravitywell for today’s guest blog.

Shona Wright

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