The acclaimed Django Girls programming workshop is coming to Bristol, with a free virtual training day on 29 April, which aims to provide women and non-binary people with an inspiring first experience with programming.

Django Girls is a non-profit organisation that runs free Python and Django workshops all around the world. It has staged 971 events in 101 different countries, helping more than 21,000 women to build their first web application using HTML, CSS, Python or Django.

A programming workshop for women and non-binary people

The Bristol Django Girls workshop will be between 9:00 and 6:00 on 29 April. It is free to participate, and attendees need no prior knowledge of coding or programming and will work through tutorials in small groups with a coach.

The workshop will be run by Eshwari Chandrashekhar, volunteer and Director of Software Engineering at innovation scale-up Wazoku, whose Bristol office is on Orchard Street. Wazoku has also recently partnered with the University of Bristol on a series of open innovation challenges on some of society’s biggest problems.

Eshwari has spent most of her career as a programmer and engineer and is passionate about engaging more women to work in technology. She says, “Django Girls is an amazing global initiative, and I’m delighted and proud to be teaching the Bristol workshop.

“It’s been hugely rewarding for me to work in tech, and I want to inspire others to do the same. When hiring developers we have been known to get 100 CVs, and just one of those will be from a woman. I want to reach and teach people and see this as a great way of getting the female development community to grow.”

Wazoku’s Enterprise Innovation Platform includes idea management, open innovation, and innovation consulting services. It helps organisations such as Shell, HSBC, and NASA to crowdsource ideas and innovations and connect and interact with employees, clients, and the wider world to generate fresh ideas as part of an overall innovation strategy.

As Director of Software Engineering, Eshwari has overall responsibility for developing Wazoku’s platform and is keen to encourage other women to consider technology as a career.

Anyone interested in attending Django Girls Bristol can register here. Participants require only a laptop, a good internet connection and an enthusiasm to learn about programming. There is a real-life drinks event at 6:00 om on 29 April for those in Bristol.